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  • 我的宠物高中英语作文
    • 作者:admin
    • 发表时间:2020-09-13 19:19
    • 来源:未知



    “Ticktock , ticktock .” The time is riding a train without stopping at any station . I know it is no use to cry over spilt milk . Everything has changed . I cannot turn back the the hands of the clock neither can the God . Yet , I still wish that I managed to go back to the sweet moment when my Lucky was still there ……

    My friends and parents felt very confuse , why I named my pet dog as “Lucky” although the common names for puppy are “Snow” , “Blacky” and so on which named after their colours . The one and only reason I named it as Lucky was because it brought me a lot of fortune and happiness in my life . They could be regarded as uncountable , memorable and everlasting photographs in my mind that would not be erased .

    I still remember , the first impression of Lucky when I met it . Lucky was a stray dog that lived in a garbage dump with hunger . The emptiness in its stomach had shown its pitiness much like the feeling of missing an imperative thing in life . Out of my conscience , I decided to adopt it . I was a teenager who studied abroad . At that time , the existence of Lucky had made my day in America . Although Lucky was a dog , it always lent me its ears to listen to my trouble . It had efficiently decreased my stress and spurred my sagging spirits . This would always express my bottled-up feelings and make me look at life optimistically .

    Leading to overseas study , I was alone without the accompaniment of my parents . The days passed , without noticing , Lucky had become a pal in my life . Lucky would cheer me up by showing its hilarity . Lucky was the one who stayed by my side when I faced difficulty . To me , Lucky is my family , is a part of my life . Although it was a dog , it managed to understand my feelings whether I was on cloud nine or I was eating my heart out when I have teething problems in studies .

    The sweet moments I had been together with Lucky passed rapidly. Lucky was dead in a terrible accident . Lucky was knocked down by a drunk driver who was speeding on the road . I watched the tragedy happening in front of my eyes . I was there at the scene , I watched the accident but I could not do anything n. It was too late to lend it a hand .Sorry , Lucky . The moment when it drew its last breath is still there, stuck in my mind until now , like it just happened yesterday . I was lacking of time to send it to veterinarian .

    As saying goes “Death is a part of life”, I still have to continue my life , have to pass through the obstacles that block my way to success . I cannot give up easily after the death of Lucky although I have to used about two years to let go of Lucky . And yet , I trust , this is one of the hurdles that given by God so I have to live happily without its presence and I believe I can do it . My eyes naturally welled up with tears when this line plays in my mind.

    Lucky, I am an irresponsible owner . If I can predict the tragedy , I swear I would not let you to get out of my house so that you would not face this tragedy . However , to wallow in regret will only take away all the wonderful memories I have of Lucky . I am not sure whether I wholeheartedly believe in the concept of heaven but I really hope there is one so lucky may rest in peace .

    Sorry Lucky . I wish to be your owner in future , my sweet , cute Lucky .


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